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The Arizona Sonora Desert Museum located in Tucson, is more like a built in zoo and botonical garden, the animals live in harmony and theres over 1200 plant species. Wander the 2 mile trail and enjoy nature in its fullest.

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Become a member and enjoy enormous savings. Memberships start at $30...

Arizona Sonora Desert Museum Discounts

Arizona Sonora Desert MuseumHead over to the 21 acre botanical garden, zoo and museum all in one place. The place recreates the natural habitats of animals so you may find yourself eye and eye with with any of the 300 animal species in this place. Since the park is part botanical garden as well the park has over 1200 different sort of plants. The park was founded by Arthur Pack and William Carr in the year 1952 and has been a non profit organization dedicated to preserve the Sononar Desert. The park relies on admissions, contributions and memberships, so keep that in mind when looking for discount codes.

Tips: Wear some descent shoes, because there is a lott of path to be walked, head over there early because all of the amazing things to be seen over there. There is some great shows or performances where you can be part of, which can be found on the parks website

Arizona Sonora Desert Museum Savings and Discounts

Arizona Sonora Desert MuseumThere are a few coupon codes available for this park but not a lott since its not the parks main objective. Becoming a member can be a great money saver, especially when heading over more often. There are multiple levels of membership, which we wont list all. A few benefits of becoming a member:

  • Support the park
  • Free admission for the whole year
  • 10% discount on workshops, fieldtrips, classes and most other things offered by the park
  • Members only day

And many more extra’s....